21 Why athletes are celebrated and entrepreneurs are not

Pointyhelmet the hero

“Why do we only turn out, wave flags and cheer for sports achievements? Why don’t we do the same thing for successful businesspeople? Other countries celebrate their dealmakers!” This was the gist of a Slovenian article a friend shared. He shared the author’s perplexity at the sad lot of the Slovenian capitalist. Cute. Why is … more >>>

20 Design and Korea 6: The Artificial Town

A remix of Faulk's aerial photo of Seoul from the late 19th century and a contemporary view of Seoul.

I count three kinds of human settlement. There is the camp. A temporary bulwark against the elements. All it takes is a firepit and people huddled around it. Assembled and reassembled as the community moves. Hunter-gatherers on the move, pastoralists and their goats and their sheep, German tourists in their FKK camps on the Adriatic. … more >>>