Design Life

24 Design and Korea 7: The Whistling Stick Figure

Slovenia is a mountainous country and Slovenians are deeply wedded to their mountains. Every town and village has its own hiking hill. The tallest mountain of the land is our national site of pilgrimage. That mountain is named Three-headed (Triglav), just like the pagan Slavic trinity that gazes into the three worlds: the skies, the […]

Cooking Life

23 Bread and Korea: Pain Tradition

I have listened to a fair number of migrants in Korea (or, as they like to call themselves, expats) express their bread angst. Their bread pain. “It’s all too sweet!” “Too soft!” “Too strange!” “Too hard!” “Too many flavors!” Europe developed as a wheat and rye-based agrarian society, which made bread the staple food there. […]

Art Life

22 Story day

Today is the first of November. Today is the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a good day for telling stories. Yesterday I completed the #inktober challenge. Every day, I drew and inked a panel. I wrote 31 words in September to serve as prompts and every day I chose a […]