Eight Hundred Years and Change

Korea is very far from Slovenia. Though airplanes hurtle us through the air at hundreds of kilometres an hour in the aluminum bottle bodies, it still takes very nearly a whole day. Add in the jetlag of an eight hour difference, and it becomes an ordeal. I visit once a year, rarely twice. This year […]

Art Life

Names, Fantasy, and Witchburner [37]

Ighn’y Hormkvst smiled coldly as they surveyed the ruin of Ifth Takwarda. The last city state of the akhpaeen lay before them, tumbled by his cannon golems, the a’kopst-ravn’een, those who bring the fire of purification. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands called them the abomination, the scourge of civilization, the ti’vrekk-kopta. But there was nothing to […]