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Sloveniwhys: Ukr Edition

far from homelong awayits words grow strangeits whys go strayit’s ghostsghosts i say A lot of word salad as I try to untangle my thoughts about why Slovenia’s response to the Ukraine crisis and other world-stuff feels so weird from my Ausgänger vantage point. Day 97 The criminal Russian invasion of their neighbouring smaller sovereign […]

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On injuries physical and metaphysical, and the delusions woven by experience and the desire for approval.

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Tricks of Mind

Me: “It’s lovely weather, it would be nice to go and write in a nice cafe, next to a brook. Trees, sky, water. Bit of inspiration.” Me2: “Well, you’ve walked the dog, and shaved, and cleaned the apartment, and you’ve got plenty of time, that would be reasonable. After all, you get more and better […]