Life Play

“Unproductive” Days

Dialogues between brain-parts.

Today was a day of chores and tasks.

Wife accompanied, dog walked, license renewed, groceries purchased, clothes washed, linens dried, food cooked, waste thrown away, recyclables sorted, old things given away, small emails handled.

My brain’s part insists, “You did no work. You earned nothing. You wasted the day.”

I might respond, “No, I was busy all day, all this had to be done!”

The part scoffs, “Unproductive. Worthless.”

“Would you have me live in filth and waste?”

“If you don’t sit a-desk producing for eight hours, you haven’t worked. You didn’t sit and produce, so you haven’t worked.”

“Those standards do not apply!”

“Have you others?”


“Q.E.D. lazy or wasteful with your time. I have a hard time telling which is worse.”

“Who are you to judge me?”

“Who would I be if I did not?”

“Are you my super-ego?”

“Of course not, that’s a silly concept by a duddle-head with sex on his explanabrain.”

“Then who …”

“Shh. You’ve work to do.”


Cover image by midjourney attempting to interpret my style.

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