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With Exalted Funeral we’re launching a backerkit campaign for the sequel?prequel? to the Ultraviolet Grasslands! And a rulebook for the setting! And a map! And more!

Last year’s second edition of my roleplaying book, the Ultraviolet Grasslands, was a great success. Publishing it with Exalted Funeral was a lovely experience. I should’ve written more about that here, on my personal blog, but y’know life intervened.

But, wait, the previous post had some kind of … title thing in the middle? I might as well unleash the bag cat and soft announce the news.

We’re crowdfunding the []quel to the Ultraviolet Grasslands: Our Golden Age on Backerkit. The campaign goes live in July, with an estimate of the books hitting doorsteps and shelves a year after that.


Yeah. Books.

Our Golden Age is a setting book for adventure escapades at the end of time and space, in the deep undying future.

The other is the Vastlands Guidebook, a rulebook for the Ultraviolet Grasslands and Our Golden Age and other science fantasy adventures. I finally finished the system that was presented in the first UVG.

Go on. Help make these books happen. They’ll be pretty art.

See you by the Circle Sea!

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