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For a few weeks I’d been mulling over some things I wanted to write.

Today I sat down to write and checked my last post.

It turns out I had already written most of what I wanted to write, but I had forgotten I had written it. It was but sixty days after the Child’s birth and sleeplessness had wiped my memory something fierce.

Sleep is Underrated

Sleep is amazing. It’s heaven. It makes every morning brighter, every day lighter, every evening sweeter.

The Child has taught me this.


I drew this door and I liked it.

Then a giant walked through.

Purpose and Connection

At a very visceral level I find the Child has supplied me with purpose and connection.

In caring for the Child, I have a simple direction of travel around which I can orient my life.

In the Child, I find myself connected with the chain of humanity; stretching even back beyond, to the first amoeba to crawl on to dry land (no, wait, that was an amphibiostega?), and onwards to the [redacted].


A four-footed early land-lubber. Look at the little rascal.

I like ancient animals and often marvel at all the creatures we cannot know, for our eyes do not travel backwards and forwards through time.

Bed Time

I think there were other things I wanted to say, but it’s the Child’s bedtime and then it’s my bedtime if I want to function tomorrow. So, good night!


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