Celestial pies glow with the goodness of their sky berries.

Slovenian game designer, illustrator, and writer based in Seoul, Korea.

Speaks a few languages. Keeps pencils and pens close. Attempts no landings on Europa.

Pronunciation Guide

Luka is pronounced like Luca, but written with a k, because that’s the way it’s written.

Rejec is pronounced sort of like “Réy-étz.” The “e” sound is a single sound, not a diphthong. The “r” is pronounced with a single alveolar tap. If you have a lot of trouble imagining how it sounds, think of the Spanish name “Reyes” and turn the final sound into a “-ts.” Trust me, you can do it.


Ongoing Patreon Projects

  • Red Sky, Dead City: a trpg sandbox exploring the death throes of a conquered city.
  • Longwinter: a winter survival icebox in a vaguely fin-de-siecle Central European world.