How To Commission Art (the Long Version)

Nine times out of ten, when somebody who has never (or rarely) commissioned art before reaches out to me about making a piece for them, one of the first questions they ask is, “Umm, so … how do we proceed?” I then explain how, and we proceed. Seven times out of ten, when somebody who […]

Design Life

27 Design and Korea 8: Grandma’s Capitalist Luncheon

In May of 2013 I drove a Spanish German car on a day trip to the Bourgogne with an English Briton and a Russian Estonian. After sightseeing in the Jura mountains we concluded that they are indeed lower and less impressive than the Alps. We had worked up an appetite and decided now was the […]


21 Why athletes are celebrated and entrepreneurs are not

“Why do we only turn out, wave flags and cheer for sports achievements? Why don’t we do the same thing for successful businesspeople? Other countries celebrate their dealmakers!” This was the gist of a Slovenian article a friend shared. He shared the author’s perplexity at the sad lot of the Slovenian capitalist. Cute. Why is […]