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et Mir

~Mir~ A second post, a counterpart not a contrapost, to the measures of “mera”. As a child, I was fascinated by the space station “Mir”. The first base of humanity in space. The first kernel of a city in the stars. Yes, yes. I know it’s not the first historically. But I was a child. […]


How To Commission Art (the Long Version)

Nine times out of ten, when somebody who has never (or rarely) commissioned art before reaches out to me about making a piece for them, one of the first questions they ask is, “Umm, so … how do we proceed?” I then explain how, and we proceed. Seven times out of ten, when somebody who […]


Talking Online: The Park and the Dark Forest

One of the fondest memories of my childhood is my mother teaching me to draw. I was three years old or so and I loved trucks because they had lots of wheels bigger than myself. My mother taught me to draw a squarish shape for the tractor cab, a line for the coupling, another rectangular […]