Death Design Life


It’s been roughly 60 days since the birth of the Child. Thankfully, she is healthy. Thankfully, the Mother is recovering well from the pre-eclampsia and emergency c-section. A couple of times I wanted to put words to my thoughts, but between events at home and in the world, between work and childcare, I didn’t find […]


Eight Hundred Years and Change

Korea is very far from Slovenia. Though airplanes hurtle us through the air at hundreds of kilometres an hour in the aluminum bottle bodies, it still takes very nearly a whole day. Add in the jetlag of an eight hour difference, and it becomes an ordeal. I visit once a year, rarely twice. This year […]

Art Life

22 Story day

Today is the first of November. Today is the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a good day for telling stories. Yesterday I completed the #inktober challenge. Every day, I drew and inked a panel. I wrote 31 words in September to serve as prompts and every day I chose a […]