31 Rotten Dot: Workplace Bullying at a Swiss Startup Company

It was December 2015, a little over two years ago. In my dream I woke up in the middle of the night, next to my girlfriend. There, at the foot of our bed, was Mr. Pebble,* the director of the EMEA branch of Dot, the event app company I worked for as the design manager. […]

Cooking Life

5 Food in Korea II: exoticization

Early in our relationship YL had a great fear. We met in Lausanne, the edgiest and most crime-ridden city in Switzerland. This means that the city is very safe. Old ladies with manicured dogs dominate the promenade and three night-clubs stay open late on weekends. This also means local taste is adapted to saucissons, choucroute, […]