I have often struggled with producing work. Drawing art for commissions. Writing pieces to fit a project. Creating content, to use the contemporary white-collarist argot. I’ve come to suspect that those struggles come down to a matter of style. By style, I mean a distinctive manner of doing things. The older I get, the less […]

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After Writing the Ultraviolet Grasslands [35]

On Friday the weather threatened rain. Pregnant, cumulous clouds in shades of gray, slate, and purple rose above the border and tumbled across the sky. A dull wind blew and rustled the leaves on the vine as I plucked grapes to eat in my parents’ yard. The sky growled. I looked up as a drop […]

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29 The Ungamed Life

I learned the alphabet and how to read when I was three years old with a computer game. I had to match pictures and letters to the angular marks on the stubby rubber keys of the ZX Spectrum 8-bit personal home computer that my father brought home to Yugoslavia from a business trip to London. […]

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22 Story day

Today is the first of November. Today is the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a good day for telling stories. Yesterday I completed the #inktober challenge. Every day, I drew and inked a panel. I wrote 31 words in September to serve as prompts and every day I chose a […]