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13 Design and Korea 3: The Tree

When I was six years old, I went to my first day of ESL (English as a Second Language) class at the International School of Tanganyka. I was pretty proud that I could count a bit already: “one, two, tree.” I was immersed in Amglish culture. From Enid Blyton to Dr Seuss, and so forth. […]

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11 Design and Korea 2: Scissors

“Where are your scissors?” “In the stationery drawer, why?” “I need to cut the meat.” “Huh?!?” In creative and design and lateral thinking workshops one of the oldest tricks in the book is the brick. Master comes into room. Master places brick on table. Bits of fired clay crumble onto table. That will leave ochre […]


9 Design and Korea 1: I Know Nothing

Two years ago I had no first-hand experience of South Korea. My expectations were those of a moderately well-read and well-traveled European. High-income country based on GDP per capita. Densely populated. Very plugged-in, overworked populace. High-tech. Eat live octopi. That is to say, I knew nothing. The first time I visited, I was dumbstruck. I […]

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8 Design and I

I hate design. There, I’ve said it. To be precise, I detest working as a graphic or ui or ux designer. As a web designer, even more. The work process is about 5% creativity, 50% routine pixel-pushery and 50% puffery. And yes, the bad maths is part and parcel, too. Don’t get me wrong. I […]